Prices (includes GST)


Anti-wrinkle injections: from $10.50 per unit (special conditions apply).

Fillers: from $356 per ml (special conditions apply)

PDO mono threads: from $14.90 each

PRP Facelift: (full face with 1ml filler): call for pricing

PRP Facial:  

  • from $450

Facial micro-needling alone: from $228 (special conditions apply)

PRP Breast Lift: call for pricing

Female Naturalis PRP: call for pricing

Male Naturalis PRP: call for pricing

PRP Hair Regrowth: call for pricing

PRP hand treatment: from $292 (special conditions apply)

Body Contouring

Trusculpt iD (RF fat reduction): from $300 – discount packages available.

Coolslimming (cryolipolysis – fat freezing): from $300 (special conditions apply)

HIFEM : muscle toning / fat loss:from $250 (special conditions apply)

Smartlux LED

Skin rejuvenation: from $65 (special conditions apply)

Secret RF micro-needling

Skin rejuvenation: (3 treatments, 4 weeks apart): from $633 (special conditions apply).

Hyperhydrosis (excess sweating): – from $633 (special conditions apply).

Radiofrequency Scarless Mole Removal

  • From $199 (special conditions apply)


  • From $169 per session (special conditions

Ultraformer III HIFU “Non-Surgical Facelift” (3-6 sessions, 1 month apart):

  • From $850 (for fine lines & wrinkle)

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) 3-6 treatments 4 weeks

  • Full face from $208 (special conditions apply)

Fat Dissolving Injections (Turkey neck treatment):

  • 2-4 treatments each six weeks – from $595 (special conditions apply)

Medical Grade Peels & Facials:

  • From $120 (special conditions apply)
  • Hand Renewal Treatment (weekly x 4). From $80 (special
    conditions apply

Teeth Whitening:

  • $120 (once every 6 months) – From $99.50 (special conditions apply)

Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating):

Neuromuscular blocking injections, $990

IV Nutrients

refer to IV nutrient page


25% off all injectables and other selected treatments on your first treatment

+ get 50% off any Trusculpt, Meditone, Ultraformer HIFU or Coolslimming treatment, when you book and pay for 2 sessions.

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