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Cellular rejuvenation clinic

High-end unique medical rejuvenation & beauty therapy

Dr M Cosmetic & Wellness Clinics has a collaborative relationship with a cellular rejuvenation clinic based in Pattaya, Thailand, and can assist with organised visits to this clinic, if you are interested to explore what they have to offer. We also co-ordinate hands-on training courses for cosmetic injectables for both doctors and nurses who need extra hands-on experience in their cosmetic medicine training, and this is offered at Zen Cell Rejuvenation Clinic.

The clinic is called Zen Cell Rejuvenation offers high-end unique medical rejuvenation & beauty therapy at affordable prices, some of which are not readily available in Australia. This clinic also provides Male & Female Hormone Balancing and Testosterone Replacement Therapy. They also provide Body Scan and Ultrasound to assist in treatment planning. Their treatments are based on cellular rejuvenation, and it offers only the very best service for its customers.

The Zen Clinic also offers a comprehensive Detox Centre that uses FDA-certified procedures to guarantee the best possible results. The system is safe and inclusive. It keeps the patient’s dignity intact and makes the process as pleasant as possible.

The Zen brand is a global brand with the technological support of SWISSmediscan, which brings to the table some of the latest technologies and products in the Medical Rejuvenation & Beauty industry today.

Millions of dollars have been spent to produce a flagship Regenerative specialised Medical & Beauty centre in Pattaya, Thailand (one of Asia’s Top Medical Tourist Destinations) that offers exclusive medical procedures and treatments from H.I.F.U, PRP, and Colon and Liver Detox, as well as showcasing Zen’s Exclusive line of products.

The Zen Clinic partner Laboratory is GMP certified and specialise in MSCs, Nk Cell and other state of the Art cellular therapies utilising GMP guidelines.

Zen Clinic has had success in treating hundreds of OA and degenerative related illnesses, assisting patients to enjoy a better quality of life.

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Please feel free to make a time to discuss assistance with visits to Zen Cell Rejuvenation, by contacting us on enquiries@drmclinics.com.au


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