Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is evidence-based practice that uses alternative and conventional medicine to maximise wellness for patients.

Integrative medicine, also known as Environmental & Nutritional Medicine uses complementary medicine to heal your mind and body by encompassing high-quality clinical care with a patient-centred approach.

It provides patients with a broader range of therapeutic options that are safe and ethical. Integrative medicine is not separate to general practice; it encapsulates conventional healthcare and is used widely across the world. 

Integrative medicine aims to: 

  • Provide an array of treatment options for medical conditions where conventional medicine may cause side effects, boost immunity, and improve physical and mental health
  • Individualise care to the patient or clinical situation, using the best available modalities combined with informed patient choice
  • Avoid polypharmacy (harmful interactions between medications) 

The benefits of integrative medicine have been immeasurable. Especially to those with complicated or chronic conditions. It is healing-orientated and is tailored to the needs of the patient with treatment plans and specified care. 

By combining traditional, natural and modern medicine, patients are given the highest quality of care and the opportunity to return to their body’s natural state of equilibrium.

IV (intravenous) nutrient therapies and Hormonal balancing are two of the options available in Integrative medicine. Please contact us to learn more about our integrative medicine services.

Combination of traditional, natural and modern medicine to promote high quality healing and patient care


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