IV Nutrient Therapy

Whether it’s for a strengthened immune system, improved gut health, or simply a natural glow from within as quickly as possible, our targeted and advanced nutrient therapies are the new ways of discovering a healthier you.

Traditionally used in hospitals to restore nutrient deficiencies, our nutrient therapies are designed to address your individual medical and wellness needs and serve as a quick fix to many problems. Our full range of Nutrient Therapies can combat the impact of toxic urban lifestyle through a nutrient-infused detox infusion or improve the health of your skin, nail, and hair inside out with our skin glow infusion. Refer to our comprehensive list below to see which therapies can help you restore and revitalise your personal health.

IV Infusion Prices

Hydra-M : $159

Hydra-M hydrates and revitalises your body with essential minerals and nutrients. Hydration improves your mental clarity, restores electrolytes and keeps muscles hydrated. Contains Hartmann’s, calcium and potassium.

Energy-M : $249

Energy-M may improve your athletic performance and assist with a faster recovery by quickly hydrating and replenishing lost nutrients. This infusion may increase energy, repair muscles and ease high cellular and metabolic stress. Contains Hartmann’s, B Complex, Calcium and Potassium. (Alpha lipoic acid can be added for mitochondrial energy boost).

Immuno-M.: $339

Immuno-M has several nutrients to help support the immune function and general wellbeing. (Contains Hartmann’s, Vitamin C, B Complex, Calcium and Potassium, Glutathione and Zinc.)

Mega-M : $349

Mega-M has highest amount of antioxidants, and nutrients. This infusion helps to support the immune system, increase energy levels, support mood regulation, stimulate metabolism, support fertility levels and promote healthy skin, hair and nails. Contains Hartmann’s, B Complex, Glutathione, Vitamin C, Calcium and Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc (alpha lipoid acid can be added for mitochondrial energy boost).

Recovery-M : $249

Need assistance with recovering form a big night out? Rehydrate your body, support flushing out toxins, restore lost nutrients and clean out your system with the Recovery-M infusion. Contains Hartmann’s, Glutathione and B Complex

Detox-M : $249

Looking for a “detox boost”? Glutathione is a super antioxidant made in the body’s cells. Replenishing depleted glutathione levels may reduce oxidative stress, help fight against autoimmune diseases, assist in detoxing, improve sleep and support healthy gut function. Contains Hartmann’s and Glutathione.

Mega B-M : $249

MegaB-M is rich in B vitamins. This multi B-vitamin infusion supports physiological and neurological functioning. It may improve energy levels and carbohydrate metabolism, and mental focus. Contains Hartmann’s and B Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12).

Vitamin C : $249 – $299 (depending on dose)

Vitamin C is essential for many biological functions for the growth and repair of all body tissues. Supports immune system function and helps restore and recycle natural glutathione levels, promotes the formation of collagen and aids absorption of iron. Contains Hydration Fluids and Vitamin C.

NAD-M : $350 for 500mg (or 3 for $900)

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an essential coenzyme for biological processes. Supplementing NAD+ may assist with slow the ageing process by promoting cellular regeneration. NAD+ may assist with repairing DNA, may protect brain cells, may reduce inflammation and stimulate enzymes to perform important biological processes. Post-infusion, patients can experience an increase in energy levels, memory and mental acuity. We suggest weekly infusions for three weeks.

Mega D-M (intramuscular) : $125

Get all your vitamin D in one injection. More convenient and less expensive than taking oral vitamin D for six months. High dose Vitamin D (600,000 units).

MethylB12-M (intramuscular): $59


B Forte-M (intramuscular) : $59

B complex straight up.

IV Nutrient-infused detox infusion


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